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From Goddesses to Zoomorphs: Figuring Out Figurines at Çatalhöyük (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lindsay Der.

The infamous seated goddess, flanked by two leopards, is perhaps the most sensationalized figurine to have been unearthed at Çatalhöyük, prompting narratives of prehistoric cults and religion. Yet research conducted since its discovery by James Mellaart has shown that zoomorphic, rather than anthropomorphic, types are predominant in the figurine assemblage. In this paper, I trace the history of changing recording systems, analytical methodologies, and interpretations of figurines at Çatalhöyük....

The Long Life of the Transient: investigating Painted plasters at Çatalhöyük (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Gesualdo Busacca.

During the two decades of the Çatalhöyük Research Project, painted plasters have been investigated using a wide array of methodologies and theoretical perspectives, spanning from contextual to experimental approaches, and from iconographic classification to archaeometric analyses. While the transient character of Çatalhöyük paintings has often been discussed, the longer life-cycles of entire plaster sequences have rarely been investigated. Using a mixed methodology that combines block sampling,...

A Neolithic Irregular Burial at Çatalhöyük (Turkey) (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Marco Milella. Christopher J. Knüsel. Scott D. Haddow.

At Neolithic Çatalhöyük adult burials are usually located beneath platforms within habitations. Middens (waste areas) are, on the other hand, only sporadically used as burial locations at the site and, overall, are consistent with intentional exclusion from platform depositions, therefore representing a form of irregular burial. Here, we describe a young adult male from Çatalhöyük buried in a midden and presenting several skeletal anomalies (united and unhealed fractures, and bone structural...