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The Caribbean and the Beginnings of American Archaeology and Anthropology (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Juan-Jose Ortiz-Aguilu.

Both American and native Caribbean scholars and amateurs of different capacities and experience contributed to the formation of the discipline of Archaeology in the region, especially in Puerto Rico and Cuba. Before 1920 came around, these islands had seen the likes of John Wesley Powell, William H. Holmes, Jesse Walter Fewkes, John Alden Mason and none other than Franz Boas himself. The interesting thing is that these people not only did what they did, but that the Caribbean, its data and the...

Dr. Fay-Cooper Cole and His Father, Rev. Dr. George L. Cole: A Forgotten Chapter of Early Archaeological Explorations in the American Southwest (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Steven James.

In the history of American archaeology, Fay-Cooper Cole (1881-1961) at the University of Chicago was instrumental in implementing standardized archaeological field methods and training a generation of archaeologists through his Illinois field schools in the 1930s and 1940s. In recent years, there has been some debate about the origins of the “Chicago Method” of excavation, for it has been stated that “Cole had no previous training in archaeology” (Browman 2002). Yet before he began his...