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Ancestral Pueblo Essentials: Evidence for Layered Social Institutions during the Basketmaker III Period in the Northern Southwest (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Shanna Diederichs.

This is an abstract from the "Adopting the Pueblo Fettle: The Breadth and Depth of the Basketmaker III Cultural Horizon" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. A range of evidence suggests that the Ancestral Pueblo tradition of the northern Southwest crystallized during the Basketmaker III period in the sixth and seventh centuries A.D. As farming was adopted and populations expanded, social problems related to conflict mitigation, land tenure, and private...

The Andean road a long trajectory of a social institution. (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Giancarlo Marcone.

Infrastructures like the Qhapaq Ñan or Inka roads can be viewed as social institutions that are the result of a complex network of social interactions between populations and their environments and fulfill several local social needs. This vision opposite the ones that understand that centralized government is necessary for local level communities to maintain certain infrastructure, like irrigation canals and roads. The Inka road system is an intricate network of Tambos, administrative centers...

The Icelandic Cooperative Movement: Constitutive Practices and Localized Influences (2023)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Megan T. Hicks.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "Governance and Globalization in the North Atlantic", at the 2023 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. In the late 19th century, farmers in Þíngeyjarsýsla, Northern Iceland collectively organized in order to claim greater sovereignty over their interactions with international capitalist markets in an economic scene dominated by Danish merchants. This Kaupfélag movement soon became an island-wide phenomenon. This paper...