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3D Visualization and Soundscape Applications that Speak to Community Organizational Change on Luzon, Philippines during Spanish Contact (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jared Koller.

This paper explores the organizational impact of Spanish contact on the island of Luzon, Philippines from the 15th-19th centuries through an analysis of sound landscapes (soundscapes) that are produced by the habitual ringing of Catholic Church bells. Church bells in Luzon were intended to notify local residents of prayer congregation or of impending ‘Moro’ attacks; however the bells were also Spanish territorial markers that flaunted power and demanded the attention of residents living within...

Trading Tones: Exploring the Soundscape of Human Trafficking in Spanish Colonial Panama (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Felipe Gaitan.

Set in the World Heritage site of Old Panama (1519–1671), the House of the Genoese Slavery Memorial project brings together the lessons of over a decade of archaeological and archival research focusing on the ruins of one of the largest centers of human trafficking to have operated in Spanish America in the late 1600s. Building upon a growing body of literature addressing phenomenological approaches in archaeology and museum studies, this paper explores how an object-based reenactment of what...