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3D Learning at Kingsley Plantation and the St. Augustine Lighthouse: Incorporating 3D Technology Into FPAN Public Archaeology Outreach (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kevin A Gidusko. Sarah Miller.

An important aspect of public archaeology efforts is the need to utilize new, innovative methods to engage a changing public. The use of 3D modeling and printing technology currently offers a novel approach to improve extant methods of public interaction. This paper discusses FPAN’s efforts to incorporate 3D technology into public outreach, especially via inclusion into curricula already in use by the network. "Investigating a Tabby Slave Cabin" and "Investigating a Light Station," part of...

CLAASP: A Public Archaeology Initiative To Preserve Archaeological Information In Central Florida (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kevin Gidusko. Rachael Kangas. Kassie Kemp. Nigel Rudolph.

The Communities of Lake Apopka Artifact Survey Project (CLAASP) is an attempt by several regions within the Florida Public Archaeological Network (FPAN) to preserve information about the many unprovenienced collections of artifacts hailing from this area in Central Florida. Relative to several other areas in the state, the Lake Apopka region is under-represented in the archaeological record. This is in part due to the long term use of much of this area for agriculture prior to the creation of...