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Beads, Myth, and Ritual Practice: Tracing Traditions of Ornament Use in Ceremonial Deposition and Costuming in the Northern U.S. Southwest (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Hannah Mattson.

As early as the sixteenth century, Spanish explorers noted the abundance of turquoise and shell jewelry adorning the Pueblo residents of the Rio Grande Valley and southern Colorado Plateau. In addition to serving as aesthetically pleasing objects of bodily decoration, these ornaments figure prominently in Pueblo creation and migration stories and are vital to the performance of various ritual practices, including ceremonial dances and the making of offerings and prayers. Archaeological research...

Establishing the nature and scale of ritual behavior at La Quemada, Zacatecas, Mexico (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Andrea Torvinen.

The northern frontier region of Mesoamerica is partially defined by its ceramic traditions (i.e., red-on-buff, incised-engraved, and resist); however, observed variation in the types belonging to decorated wares suggests these types are likely local materializations of a regional ideology. Testing this hypothesis requires first determining the provenance of decorated ceramics recovered from a northern frontier site and then exploring the intrasite distribution of local and nonlocal ceramics...

Pottery Agents: A Case Study of Nonhuman Beings from the American Southwest (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Walker. Chadwick K. Burt.

Since the enlightenment western approaches to material culture have distinguished between natural and supernatural processes. This demarcation produces archaeological perspectives at odds with ethnographically known cultures and likely past ones. Contemporary Native American ontologies emphasize the animacy of things such as architecture and pottery. An important theoretical question therefore, is what social relationships did people establish with material objects, and how did these...

Recognizing Ritual in the Elaboration of Earthwork Construction at Jaketown (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kelly Ervin.

Elaborately constructed earthworks indicate monumental behavior requiring unique social processes to produce. This paper presents new subsurface data on the Late Archaic Poverty Point earthworks at the Jaketown site in the Mississippi Yazoo Basin. Unit excavations and soil coring demonstrate detailed and complicated internal architecture standing in contrast to earlier mounded landscapes in the eastern United States. Challenging traditional agrocentric models for socially complex societies, this...