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The archaeology of medieval nomadism in Eastern Europe (10th-13th centuries): the current state of research (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Florin Curta.

The vast steppe corridor that begins in north-central China and ends on the Middle and Lower Danube has been the habitat of many communities of nomads, and the object of intensive archaeological research. Ever since Svetlana Pletneva, research on the late nomads in the steppe lands now within Russia and Ukraine has focused on burial assemblages, especially on burial mounds. However, new lines of research have opened in the last few decades, which highlight new categories of evidence: stone...

Raising the Ground, Building a Mound: Bronze Age ‘Barrowscapes’ in Southern Britain (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Catriona Gibson.

The prehistoric record of Britain is punctuated by episodes of monumental building, with the Early Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age being particular cases in point. Yet the Neolithic megalithic monuments and long barrows are quite different forms of funerary and ritual architecture compared to the succeeding Bronze Age barrow traditions. The former could be continuously accessed and activated until their final blocking. On the other hand, once a mound was erected over a Bronze Age grave, that...

Using multiple techniques to assess the crop marks of early medieval barrow cemeteries in Scotland (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Juliette Mitchell. Dave Cowley.

This paper will show how using multiple techniques will refresh our understanding of cropmark sites, which is imperative for their protection and preservation. This work comes out of a research project looking at barrow cemeteries in north and east Scotland, the wealth of aerial archive was reviewed and explored through multiple methods. Rectifying and transcribing the aerial APs was one aspect, but ground survey picked up newly identified upstanding barrows at multiple sites. The results extend...