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Ancient DNA analysis to investigate the history of malaria and malaria genetic adaptations in Europe (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Claudia Viganò. Gülfirde Akgül. Frank J. Rühli. Abigail Bouwman.

Historical records and epidemiological studies can be a wealth of information about ancient diseases, nevertheless in some cases DNA evidence is also needed. The data showing high frequencies of malaria genetic adaptations (MGA) in modern and historical populations testify to the presence of malaria in the past along the Mediterranean coast. However, neither modern epidemiological data nor historical records can explain the differences in MGA frequencies that we observe in some regions....

Empire, Environment and Disease: an Indian Ocean Case Study. (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Krish Seetah.

Between 1855-59, the island of Mauritius, with a landmass of only 2040 km2, was producing 10% of the world’s sugar: a staggering testimony to the power of imperial influence on ecology. The transformations that this intensification in cane production resulted in were far reaching. One facet that remains poorly understood is the context of disease, despite a well-developed historical narrative . This paper presents details of a series of malaria epidemics that plagued the island from the 1850s...