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Evidence for Roman Glass Production in Salemi, Sicily (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Balco. Michael J. Kolb.

Evidence for the production of Roman glass artifacts in western Sicily remains difficult to identify. The fragile nature of glass artifacts and the frequency with which glass could be recycled into new glass artifacts contributes to a general lack of evidence concerning its ancient production. Excavation of a Roman water cistern in Salemi, Sicily however, preserve evidence of the local manufacture of glass artifacts. Following its abandonment, the cistern was filled with refuse from the...

The introduction of metallurgy in Sicily: preliminary data using a pXRF (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Andrea Vianello. Robert H. Tykot.

Several artifacts representing the oldest metals known in Sicily (Copper to Middle Bronze Age) together with many from the Late Bronze Age have been analyzed using a portable XRF to determine their composition. These are nearly all of the early metal artifacts existing in Sicilian museums. Multiple spot analyses have been performed and averages obtained to alleviate potential heterogeneities on the surface of metals, ensuring consistency and validity of the data. Among the materials, there were...

Measuring the Impact of Ancient Colonization in Central-West Sicily (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lela Urquhart.

Studies of ancient colonization in the Mediterranean have principally been concerned with assessing the "impact" of colonization: did the colonization processes of groups like the Greeks and Phoenicians make a significant impact on local native societies among whom they settled, and if so, in what ways? Important as such questions are, they have sometimes overlooked a more basic step: how do we actually measure the "impact of colonization" in the first place? This paper offers a response to that...