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Acadian Adaptations in North and South America (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Steven R. Pendery.

The tragedy of the deportation of the Acadians from their homeland by the British in the 1750s was compounded by their exploitation by the French government at the conclusion of the Seven Years War. French imperial policy focused on settling and developing portions of tropical colonies such as French Guiana with Acadians and Europeans in order to minimize slave labor.  Although more than 9,000 colonists perished upon their arrival in La Guyane, a few hundred Acadians survived in extended coastal...

British Era Trade in the Midwest (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica Yann.

This paper investigates several common assumptions regarding the economic nature of trade interactions in the Midwest during the period from approximately 1760 to 1820. Using a resource dependency theory framework, this research analyzes archaeological and historical sources to demonstrate that these interactions were more nuanced, and more complex, than typically portrayed. It also demonstrates that these economic interactions were strongly intertwined with political decision making. ...

Plant Analysis of an Eighteenth-Century Slave Quarter: Incorporating Macrobotanical and Pollen Analysis at Monticello to Improve our Understanding of Enslaved African-American Lifeways. (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Stephanie Hacker. Beatrix Arendt. Derek Wheeler. John Jones.

This research emphasizes the value of studying plant remains recovered from archaeological contexts while contributing to our understanding of the lifeways of enslaved African-Americans from late eighteenth -century Virginia. The primary objective of this research is to identify plants selected by enslaved field laborers living on the Home Farm Quarter of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation. This study incorporates both macrobotanical and pollen analysis and presents a wide variety of...