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Combining GPR and Archeological Excavations at Los Morteros: Looking "Inside" a Complex Preceramic Coastal Peruvian Site (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alice Kelley. Ana Cecilia Mauricio. Daniel Sandweiss. Joseph Kelley. Daniel Belknap.

The Los Morteros archaeological site is located on the desert north coast of Peru. This large, elliptical mound (ca. 225x200 m, with relief of 14.5 m) is situated on a 3 m high Mid-Holocene shoreline. Limited excavations in the 1970’s identified preceramic midden deposits. Subsequent ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey at the site revealed interior stratigraphy inconsistent with a sand dune or bedrock-cored sand deposit, suggesting human agency in the construction of the mound, rather than...