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Archaeo-anthropological analysis of the early to late Middle Age (7-14th century) parish church and graveyard from Sursee, Switzerland. (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sabrina Meyer. Frank Rühli. Christian Auf der Maur.

In 1985/86 the parish church of St. Georg, Sursee was excavated. The archaeological findings showed that the ecclesiastical beginnings of the church date back to the early Middle Ages. In the early 7th century CE a wooden church was built near burials dating back to late antiquity. In total, five occupational phases for the cemetery can be associated with five construction phases (one wooden and four stone phases) of the church. Of the 223 recovered burials, only 119 individuals were...

Representing Historical Culture on the Big and Small Screen: Success and Challenges from the Algonquian Chesapeake (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Buck Woodard.

This is an abstract from the "From Tomb Raider to Indiana Jones: Pitfalls and Potential Promise of Archaeology in Pop Culture" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. In what ways can archaeology and historical anthropology contribute to popular media representations of the past, and what responsibility do consultants have to ensure accurate portrayals of the peoples and cultures they study? For projects that combine dramatic performance, scholars and...