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Archaeological investigations at Brouage (France) : the "Maison Champlain" site (16th-17th centuries) (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alain Champagne.

Established in the mid-16th century, the French Atlantic port city of Brouage is surrounded by salt marshes, which produced a valuable commodity that was exported to northern Europe and formed the basis for the city’s early wealth. However a number of factors contributed to the city’s almost immediate decline, so that by the end of the 19th century Brouage was nothing more than a small village of less than one hundred inhabitants. The principal contributing factors were the gradual silting up of...

The Battle of La Hougue, 1692: A portrait of the early French Navy of Colbert (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Marijo Gauthier-bérubé.

This is an abstract from the "Current Research and On Going Projects at the J Richard Steffy Ship Reconstruction Laboratory" session, at the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. During the Nine Years War (1688-97), Louis XIV of France was fighting most of the other European powers, both in Europe and the Americas. By 1692, France’s earlier victories had provided the opportunity for a large invasion force to cross the English Channel near La Hougue. The fleet was...

Ground-penetrating Radar and Photogrammetry in Medieval France: Results from the Auvergne (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Eileen Ernenwein. Jeremy Menzer. Frederic Surmely.

The medieval period in Europe is well known from archaeological sites and historical records including England’s Domesday Book. The Auvergne of southern France, however, is a poorly studied upland region. This rugged environment of volcanic peaks contains a rich, yet mostly unknown medieval history. A research program is underway that includes archaeological survey, excavation, and geophysical survey at sites across the region. GPR survey in June 2015 focused on unexcavated portions of Les...