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An Annotated Bibliography of Southwestern and Native American Religious Shrines, Trail Shrines, Rock Cairns, Stacked Rock Features and Rock Markers (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Brian W. Kenny.

This research paper was prepared to assist Southwestern archaeologists working with rock features (e.g., trail shrines,cairns, claim monuments, etc).

Hopi Migration Traditions: A Fulfillment of the Spiritual Covenant (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Leigh Kuwanwisiwma.

For thousands of years, the Hopi clans have traversed both the South and North American continents. Today, this presence is evidenced by the thousands of Hopi/Puebloan archaeological ruins. As well, esoteric ceremonies of today are ancient ceremonies and reinforce a living connection to our cultural history and religion. This great migration period of Hopi people was in fulfillment of a spiritual covenant between clans and our spiritual deity and guardian called Ma’sawu. Ma’sawu is the...

To and From Hopi: Negotiating Identity through Migration, Coalescence, and Closure at the Homol'ovi Settlement Cluster (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Samantha Fladd. Claire Barker. E. Charles Adams. Dwight Honyouti.

The Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster (HSC) holds a significant place in Hopi history as a source of immigrants and a destination for emigrants. In addition to representing an important location along the migration route for groups from the South and East, these villages also housed people who temporarily emigrated from the Hopi mesas. As such, the HSC provides a unique perspective on the processes of population and social movement that contributed to the current form of Hopi society. Using the...