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Shell Artifact Photograph, Surveys at Patoka Lake 1977 (2012)
IMAGE Veterans Curation Program.

Photograph of shell artifact collected during the Surveys at Patoka Lake 1977 archaeological survey in the Patoka Lake area, in Indiana.

Surveys at Patoka Lake 1977
PROJECT US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District. US Army Corps of Engineers Mandatory Center of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections, St. Louis District.

GBL provided the VCP with an electronic catalog entitled USACE GBL Accession Inventory 11 30 09. This catalog contained detailed information about each of the investigations within the GBL collection. Because the Patoka Lake investigations did not have individual reports, it was determined that the investigations would be separated based on the information found in the GBL catalog. Therefore, four separate Patoka Lake investigations were created based on the different worksheets within the GBL...