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Glass Artifact Photographs, Millers Ferry 1963-1968 (2014)
IMAGE Veterans Curation Program.

Photographs of glass artifacts collected during the Millers Ferry 1963-1968 investigation in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Millers Ferry 1963-1968
PROJECT John Cottier. Craig Sheldon. US Army Corps of Engineers Mandatory Center of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections, St. Louis District. US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District.

The Millers Ferry 1963-1968 investigation is the responsibility of USACE, Mobile District, and is curated by the OAR in Moundville, Alabama. The collection consists of historic and prehistoric artifacts recovered from the archaeological investigation of 27 sites in the area of the Millers Ferry Lock and Dam reservoir, Wilcox County, Alabama. USACE, Mobile District planned the construction of the Millers Ferry Lock and Dam on the Alabama River under the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1945. The...