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All change down on the allotment: York’s allotment gardens and urban transition (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ross J Wilson.

This paper assesses the development of the allotment gardens in the northern English city of York to demonstrate the processes of urban transition on a scale and on sites which are often overlooked in studies of city life. From the pressures of political reform, social change and environmental concerns, the allotment gardens in the city reflect local, national and international concerns from their origins in the early twentieth century to the present day. Through an assessment of archival...

Animals and Humans in Post-medieval York: A View From Hungate (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Clare E Rainsford.

Excavations at Hungate, in the centre of the city of York, have yielded a substantial assemblage of faunal bone, of which a significant proportion derives from a time period from the 16th century through to the early years of the 20th century. Reworking and residuality of bone pose a significant problem at Hungate, owing to the large quantities of underlying medieval faunal material. This paper will demonstrate that a combination of zooarchaeological, taphonomic and historical approaches provide...

Communicating Local: The Role Of Mediated Documents In The Articulation Of Values Within The City Of York (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Katrina M Foxton.

Managing the historic environments of cities is a task that continually concerns local authorities and citizens. Currently in the UK, ‘Local Plans’ for the development of cities form as documents which guide archaeologists and developers forward in the ongoing rendering of urban fabrics. On the other hand, ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ written by community groups create palpable statements of ownership for local areas and heritage.  Arguably, the city’s fabric is woven not only by building materials but...