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Did You Sleep Well? – The Body, the Senses and the Ancient Egyptian Headrest (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Katharina Zinn.

This paper explores the possibility to extract information about sensory experiences inherent in the material culture of ancient Egypt which are often overlooked due to the difficulty to track them in the material. By implementing new intellectual frameworks like New Materialism and the consequent application of methodologies from archaeology and anthropology we gain insight in the actions of ancient bodies. Taking inspiration from Latour’s actants (2005), Barad’s agential realism (2007) and...

From Beaver Pelt to Hatters' Felt: The Use and Impact of Canadian Beaver on Britain (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Michael C Bumsted.

Historians and archaeologists in North America have expended much energy studying the fur trade.  The role which beaver played in this is especially well discussed, and the importance that it had to European expansion into the North American interior has been thoroughly examined.  The same cannot be said for what happened to the goods Europeans acquired once they took them back to Europe.  Beaver, and the other Hudson’s Bay Company imports, had social and economic impacts on the British end of...

Maintaining All Things Great and Small: Tools Aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge (2021)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kendra Lawrence.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "Archaeological Studies of Material Culture (General Sessions)" , at the 2021 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. The artifact assemblage from Queen Anne’s Revenge represents one of the most rich and diverse shipwreck collections from the early eighteenth century. Ongoing conservation of the artifacts continues to reveal new and compelling insight into the work and lives of sailors aboard this vessel. Among the collection is...

Shards of the Atlantic: Sweden and 17th-Century Colonialism (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jonas Nordin.

This paper deals with expressions of colonialism and colonial ideology in 17th-century Sweden in the light of the New Sweden Colony in the Delaware Valley 1638–55 and contacts between Native Americans and Swedes and their exchange of material culture. Furthermore, the paper traces some of the objects in Sweden and discusses their meaning and use in the new context. An object-biographical approach underlines the complexity and relevance of material things in a colonial situation, in the colonies...

The ‘Very Stillness of Things’: Object Biographies of Sailcloth and Fishing Net from the Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission (Burgiyana) Colonial Archive, South Australia (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Maddy E Fowler. Amy L Roberts. Lester-Irabinna Rigney.

This paper details the discovery of early 20th century sailcloth and fishing net samples pertaining to the lives of Aboriginal peoples on Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission (Burgiyana). Biographies for the samples are explored, from which it is argued that these objects may have many viewpoints assigned to them. The sailcloth and fishing net samples allow the telling of complex stories from the past and present. These stories include the resilience, adaptability and strength of Narungga culture...