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Alternative Mexico: A Mobile Application for the Preservation of Mexico's Heritage (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sandra Lopez Varela.

This is an abstract from the "SAA 2019: General Sessions" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. "México Alternativo" is a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms, drawing from the need to preserve and promote contemporary heritage resources that are of great value to Mexico’s citizens. Infrastructure building and promotion of urban lifeways to modernize and strengthen Mexico’s economy, has resulted in the appropriation by its citizens of modern...

A Different Kind of Screen Time: Using Emerging Mobile Geospatial Technologies to Engage with Public and Professional Audiences. (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Joseph A. Downer.

Emerging technologies have empowered archaeologists to interact with the public in new and exciting ways. At George Washington’s Mount Vernon, archaeological staff are incorporating geospatial analysis and story-telling tools to present to, and interact with various public and professional audiences. This paper will briefly discuss the use of ESRI Storymaps to engage with and inform the public both in the field and from the comfort of their own homes. Further tools, such as ESRI’s collector...

Guerrilla Foursquare: The appropriation of commercial location-based social networking for archaeological engagement and education (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Andrew Dufton. Stu Eve.

One aspect of the emerging field of digital archaeology involves the use of digital geo-technologies to create and disseminate location-based archaeological information to both academic and non-academic audiences. Although archaeological projects often lack the resources or expertise necessary to create tailor-made applications, existing services fulfilling a similar purpose can often be repurposed for archaeological projects. A specific case-study using the foursquare service will help shed...