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The Manifestation of Puritan Ideology at 17th-century Harvard College (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christina J. Hodge. Diana Loren. Patricia Capone.

Harvard University’s 1650 Charter dedicated the institution to the education of "English and Indian youth of this country in knowledge and godlines [sic]." For several decades, a printing press produced religious works in English and Algonquian, while a small number of Native American students were educated alongside English students at the College, intended to become Puritan ministers and convert Native New Englanders. Intermingled lives created a dynamic and hybrid colonial community that...

Sympathy For The Loss of a Comrade": Black Citizenship And The 1873 Fort Stockton "Mutiny (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nicholas J Eskow.

In the 19th century, white elites saw African American literacy as a dangerous tool that would allow black communities to make claims for equality. This was certainly the case in 1873, when the majority of the Black Regulars at Fort Stockton, Texas organized and signed a petition calling for the formal censure of the post surgeon, arguing that the recent death of a fellow soldier was due to the doctor’s intentional and malicious neglect. As a result of this attempt to seek justice through...

To the Mountain: Heritage preservation through archaeological literacy in San Jose Succotz, Belize. (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sylvia Batty. Rebecca Friedel. Leah McCurdy.

Maya archaeology has seen a steady shift to the integration of community heritage interest and ownership in the design, execution and outcomes of research and preservation efforts. This poster describes a heritage outreach project focused on archaeology literacy development among grade school children in the community of San Jose Succotz, Belize, adjacent to the Xunantunich archaeological reserve. We authored a fully illustrated book entitled To the Mountain (2016) for the Succotz community,...