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Antebellum Ceramic Importers of New Orleans, Louisiana (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sara A. Hahn. Thurston Hahn III.

New Orleans, Louisiana, has long served as one of the United States’ major port cities, and during the early nineteenth century Liverpool, England,was arguably her strongest trading partner.  Ships transported cotton and tobacco from New Orleans to Liverpool and returned with cargoes of finished goods and building materials.  Among the goods imported to New Orleans of particular interest to archaeologists were ceramics.  Occasionally bearing both manufacturer’s and importer’s marks, it is often...

The Henderson and Gaines Family of Ceramic Importers, New Orleans, Louisiana (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thurston Hahn III.

The merchant family of Henderson and Gaines was the most prolific importer of ceramics in antebellum New Orleans, Louisiana.  Or, at least, the most archaeologically represented. The company of Henderson and Gaines enjoyed a lengthy lifespan, importing ceramics directly from Liverpool, England, and elsewhere into New Orleans between 1836 and 1866.  Their predecessors, however, first opened their doors to the trade in the early 1820s while their successors remained in business until the late...