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Commercialisation, Contest, Clearance: the Archaeology of pre-Improvement cattle droving in the Scottish Highlands (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Donald B Adamson.

This paper considers the archaeology of cattle droving in mid-Sutherland and also Cowal and West LochLomondside. It focuses on the period immediately before the widespread introduction of sheep, the dispossession of many of the sub-tenants, and the application of Improvement thinking in relation to agriculture. As such, it covers the period between 1720 and 1820. It argues that cattle droving was a sign of the growing commercialisation of the Scottish Highlands, in a Gaelic society that was far...

"When Hungate Was Taken Down.........." – Solid And Ephemeral: The Dichotomy At The Heart Of The Archaeology Of Clearance In 1930s York. (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Peter A. Connelly.

In the early 1930s the Hungate district of York had become renowned as an area of dilapidated buildings and people living in poverty. In parallel to this the York Corporation had embarked on a new housing programme. This new programme required tenants and in an act of self fulfilling prophecy this process drove the demolition of Hungate. This act of clearance is solidly defined in the archaeology, through the remains of levelled buildings and rubble. However, the act of demolition is fleeting...