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British Colonial Trade Goods in the Nevada Frontier (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ian Springer. Steven Holm.

In the mid 19th century, Virginia City, Nevada attracted people from all over world by producing a steady stream of silver and gold that lined pockets and coffers around the world. During the summer of 2010, excavations were performed along South Howard Street, Virginia City by the University of Nevada, Reno in an effort to uncover evidence of community identity. Many artifacts were recovered, including a container seal bearing a George Whybrow Company logo, along with the name of its export...

Catholic Health Care in the Wild West: A Case Study of Saint Mary’s Hospital in Virginia City, Nevada (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lisa Machado.

Virginia City, Nevada was a thriving mining boomtown in the late nineteenth century. Saint Mary’s Hospital provided quality health care to the citizens of Virginia City from 1875 to 1897. Administered by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, this private medical institution was greatly influenced by the Catholic Church. Considering its pivotal role as both a religious and social institution, the hospital site can provide great insights into the civic life of a community that was...

Recreating Historic Photography as a Tool for Archaeologists (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Steven Holm.

Historic photography is often beautiful and steeped in history but can also be used as a tool for archaeologists in relocating structures, identifying features, and situating historic places within their modern and captured viewsheds. Photographing a site is paramount nowadays for documenting the archaeological record. We have the opportunity to exploit historic photographs for additional data beyond site documentation that can lead to better research designs, excavation planning, and site...