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Individual Creativity, Instrumental Symbolism, and the Constituents of Social Identity Construction (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher Fennell.

This presentation applies theories concerning the role of individual creativity and innovation, modes of symbolic expression, and formation of social group identities to analyze the past creation and use of material expressions of symbols within the diasporas of particular African cultures. Utilizing archaeological and historical evidence, I explore the divergent ways these creative processes played out at sites in South America, the Caribbean, and North America. The perseverance and creativity...

Introduction: Entangling Artisanal and Industrial Work in Archaeologies of Creativity (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Timothy Scarlett.

This paper begins with an overview of various scholarships of human creativity, with an eye toward archaeological discourses.  The author then turns to a contrasting pair of nineteenth-century case studies: pottery manufacture in Utah and milling copper ore in Michigan. These two workplaces, both built and staffed by immigrants, were fundamentally attached to global flows and relations, despite their frontier settings. In one case, factory workers became artisans; while in the other,...

The Origin of Human Creativity (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Maxime Aubert.

The recent discovery of cave paintings in Sulawesi dating to at least 40,000 years ago has altered our understanding of the origins and spread of the first painting traditions. This suggests that either rock art developed independently in Europe and Southeast Asia at about the same time, or that our species invented this trait prior to its initial expansion from Africa. Here I will discuss the implication of this discovery as well as new evidence from Borneo with the aim to deepen our knowledge...