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In the World and Of the World: Separatism as U.S. American Political Practice (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Linda Ziegenbein.

One of the populist responses to repressive US American policies and practices has been to separate from mainstream society and live intentionally in communities that enact egalitarian ideologies.  However, study of such communities reveals that the same prejudices that its members repudiated nevertheless guided their own formation and evolution.  This paper considers the development of religious and secular utopian communities in the United States focusing on the role the created and enacted...

The Landscapes of Modern Conservative Utopias in the United States: potentials for archaeological and spatial analysis (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Quentin P Lewis.

This paper introduces the session, and as a case study, explores utopias and utopian plans inspired by conservative thinking and principles as examples of spatial play and landscape experimentation. The growth of the internet has allowed for the proliferation of like-minded communities as well as the broadcasting of political ideologies and proposals. During the 2000s, anti-government enthusiasm proliferated into a number of proposals for separatist communities within the United States, founded...

A thousand ruins: an alternative history of contemporary Spain. (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alfredo González-Ruibal.

An alternative history of late modern Spain can be narrated through its ruins. In this paper, I will examine the debris of different modernist dreams that were shattered by the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship. I will argue that the ruins of utopia are not exactly remnants of the past, but of the future - or rather, an alternative time that is made of both. From this point of view, they allow us to problematize notions of temporality in archaeology and envisage richer...