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"...Concerning their Common Heritage...": Archaeological Site Stewardship and International Cooperation in the National Park Service (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David Gadsby. Dave Conlin.

In 2011, The National Park Service signed two international Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) on the management and protection of sites that lie within the park system, but are of interest or importance to foreign governments. The first, signed with the United Kingdom, provides specific protections for a particular resource, the wreck of the 18th-century frigate HMS Fowey. The second, signed with the government of the Kingdom of Spain, expresses the participants' mutual interest in wide variety...

Cultivating the Next Generation of Maritime Archaeologists: An Anglo/American Approach (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ian M Cundy. Mark W Holley.

For the past two years the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) in the UK, in partnership with the underwater archaeology program at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) in the USA, has run a field school in and around Lake Michigan focusing on maritime archaeology.  These events have drawn students from across North America and Europe by providing a wide range of specialty training courses not found elsewhere in the region.  A substantial amount of original research has been generated from these...

Illustrating The Components That Form Part Of International Training Courses (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Underwood.

Successful training courses comprise more than the sum of the individual teaching components that take place in the classroom or in the field.  In particular those international courses that bring together participants from different cultures present their own challenges, not just differences in language, but there are other considerations. This paper, using examples from Latin America and the Caribbean, will illustrate the components and organisation that not only helps to fulfil the specific...

Institutionalizing Repatriation: Creating a More Inclusive University Policy (2023)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica L. Yann.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "Reimagining Repatriation: Providing Frameworks for Inclusive Cultural Restitution", at the 2023 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. As part of ongoing NAGPRA compliance, Michigan State University recently drafted its first official NAGPRA policy. As part of the discussions surrounding the creation of this policy, two things became clear 1) that as a university, we are committed to “working collaboratively with Indigenous...

International Repatriation: A Study of Awareness Among US-based Practitioners (2023)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ellen M. Lofaro. Jenna Domeischel.

This is a poster submission presented at the 2023 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. The practice of repatriation has become increasingly nuanced as people and nations around the world have renewed their demands for the return of their cultural patrimony from international – generally, Western – museums. International repatriation has grown so significantly that a number of federal agencies have developed working groups devoted to the topic, and universities and museums...