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A Spatial and Predictive Model of Archaeological Sites on the Lincoln National Forest (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Paula Hertfelder.

The Lincoln National Forest has produced a wealth of GIS data on archaeological sites in Southeastern New Mexico. This data has not yet been analyzed. This poster presents a predictive spatial model of archaeological sites on the Lincoln National Forest to provide information on the interaction between people and the environment and the changing use of the landscape over time. In this project, I have developed a predictive model of archaeological sites based on a statistical analysis of...

What Doña Ana Phase and Modern Jackrabbits (Lepus californicus) Can Tell Us About Climate Change in the Southeastern Southwest (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Brandon McIntosh.

This paper documents the environmental conditions of the Tularosa Basin/Hueco Bolson during the Late Formative Period in the Jornada Mogollon Region of the U.S. Southwest by comparing stable carbon isotope values of black-tailed jackrabbits (Lepus californicus) from archaeological site LA 12361 to modern jackrabbits in southern New Mexico and west Texas. Recent research by Stephen Smith and his collaborators provides evidence that carbon isotope values of jackrabbit bone collagen produce an...