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Between the puna and the valley: an approximation to local communities-Inca state interactions through road network analysis in Jauja, central Peru (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Manuel Perales.

Research on the Inca occupation in the conquered territories usually addressed the topic from a perspective that has been built on data obtained from state and local sites. The case of Jauja in the central highlands of Peru has not been the exception and much of our current knowledge about the Inca occupation of the region is based on information coming from indigenous settlements and state facilities. This paper proposes an alternative and complementary insight, trying to reach an approach to...

Mobility network in El Shincal de Quimivil (Londres, Catamarca, Northwest Argentina) (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Reinaldo Moralejo. Diego Gobbo.

The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows analyzing the space as an integral part of any social phenomenon and produce interdisciplinary explanatory models with quantifiable basis. As it is known, the spatial organization of the incas was scheduled under certain political and religious principles materialized in the landscape through various features such as rocks, water bodies, mountains, celestial bodies, plazas, ushnus, roads and kanchas, among other. In the case of the inca site...