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To Guard or Not to Guard? Variations in Territoriality Within Hunter-Gatherer Societies (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher Haisley. Ashley Parker. Christopher Parker. Brian Codding.

Variation in territory size, population density, and residential mobility among small scale hunting and gathering societies tends to co-vary with territorial behaviors. Specifically, groups living in larger areas, at lower population densities with higher mobility are less likely to exhibit territorial behavior than their counterparts in smaller areas. Based on models from behavioral ecology, we suggest that this variation is due to underlying levels of environmental productivity: where...

When to defend? Optimal Territoriality across the Numic Homeland (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ashley Parker. Christopher Parker. Brian Codding.

Research exploring the complex human decisions that lead to territoriality have largely focused on defensibility. Here we explore territoriality using an ecological and evolutionary model from behavioral ecology: the marginal value theorem (MVT). Based on the principal of diminishing returns, the MVT predicts that the utility of a plot of land will decrease with each additional plot, therefore people should defend an area only at a threshold when it becomes energetically beneficial within the...