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Micromorphological Analysis of Thin Sections from Bear Creek (45KI839), Redmond, King County, Washington (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Brandy Rinck.

Micromorphology samples were collected during data recovery at the Bear Creek Site (45KI839) in Redmond, Washington in order to supplement the site’s formation history. Micromorphological analysis of these samples has shed light on the taphonomic and sedimentary depositional processes at work prior to, during, and after Late Pleistocene-Holocene transition (LPH) occupation of 45KI839. This poster presents the micromorphology research design, sampling and analysis methodology, and results of...

Using Flouride Analysis and Artifact Density to Examine Household Formation in Prehistoric Villages: A Fort Ancient Example (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert Cook. Mark Schurr.

Examining the formation histories of houses within prehistoric villages is difficult in cases with coarse resolution of radiocarbon dates and lack of stratigraphic relationships. Here we examine this problem by using two relative dating techniques, accumulation studies of artifacts and fluoride dating of animal bone, at the Guard site, an early (ca., AD 1000-1300) Fort Ancient village located in southeast Indiana. The sampling strategy involved excavating test units in all houses to assess the...