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Archaeological Pedagogy, Gentrification and the City: Community-Engaged Scholarship in San Francisco (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kim Christensen.

The Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, is experiencing rapid gentrification due to the influx of highly-paid workers employed by the tech economy centered in Silicon Valley. As the cost of living increases, long-time residents are being actively pushed out, and various community organizations have sprung up in response to highlight and address these issues of gentrification, displacement, and homelessness. In this paper, I explore the process and results of partnering with community...

Archaeology, Education, and Gentrification: The View From San Francisco (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kim Christensen.

San Francisco, and the Bay Area more broadly, is currently an epicenter of gentrification due largely to the tech economy.  Higher education is implicated in these processes too, though, as universities expand due to increased enrollment pressures.  This paper explores how these intersecting issues have played out during the first semester of teaching "Introduction to Archaeology" for the UC Berkeley/UC Extension San Francisco Fall Program for Freshmen as part of the American Cultures Engaged...

A Comparative Study of African American Identity Creation in Antebellum New Jersey (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jamie Ancheta.

Nineteenth century Fair Haven, New Jersey was home to an African American community that persevered through religious and structural racism. Racism that escalated to the burning of their Free-African American School house.The African American history of Fair Haven is one of gradual emancipation accompanied by gradual gentrification. This research provides an important avenue to rediscovering a long forgotten and dynamic enclave of African Americans that once existed in Fair Haven. Examination of...