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Functional and Organizational Variation Among Late Mesolithic Sites in Southwestern Germany (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Michael Jochim.

Because sites of the Late Mesolithic are relatively rare in southern Germany, and are mostly represented by caves, three open-air sites of this period provide unique insights into this period. Two of the sites are located on a lakeshore and the third is in a river valley. All three possess excellent preservation of organic materials that facilitate analysis. The contents and spatial organization of these sites will be examined in the context of their functional role and their implications for...

Neolithic Landscapes of Southern Germany: Insights from Regional Survey (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Susan Harris. Lynn Fisher. Michael Jochim. Corina Knipper. Rainer Schreg.

Landscape archaeology in Central Europe has historically built on a foundation of high-resolution excavations of village structures. In this poster, we combine results of systematic plowzone survey carried out by two research groups to explore and reflect on the contributions of regional survey for understanding Neolithic land use in southern Germany. Surveys were conducted in two areas with contrasting archaeological records and geographic characteristics. On the southeastern Swabian Alb...