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From Beads to Biographies: a Microwear Study of Late Pre-Colonial Ornaments from the Dominican Republic (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Catarina Guzzo Falci. Annelou Van Gijn. Corinne Hofman.

Bodily ornaments are found throughout the Greater Antilles and have been generally regarded as items belonging to high-status individuals. Many studies have focused on their iconographic designs, meaning, and exchange among so-called "Taíno" societies (AD 1200-1500). However, much of the biography of stone and shell ornaments is poorly known, as raw materials, technologies of production, systems of attachment, and modes of deposition have not received comparable attention. This is partially...

Jade axes from the site of Pearls, Grenada. A field-based microwear analysis (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thomas Breukel.

This paper reports upon the wear trace analysis of 20 ground stone axes from the Ceramic Age site of Pearls, Grenada. The selection contains several exotic lithic materials including twelve jadeitites, for which the nearest known source is over eleven hundred kilometres away. Pearls is a heavily disturbed site on the Atlantic coast of Grenada, of which much of the material record is held in private custody. Yet, the site holds central importance in the wider interacting region, as a lithic,...