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Soundscape and Place: Acoustic Archaeology in the Mountains of the Middle Atlantic (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Carole Nash.

As permanent landmarks, waterfalls and associated plunge pools are documented among traditional peoples as liminal and sacred spaces. A review of ethnographic and archaeological literature identifies these features as sources of life and transition, requiring proper preparation in advance of approach. The symbolic and experiential character of waterfalls may be in evidence in the Virginia Blue Ridge, where a small number of Middle and Late Woodland sites near named waterfalls are outside the...

Soundscapes in the Past: Interaudibility in the Chacoan Built Landscape (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David Witt. Kristy E. Primeau.

Sound has been a long disregarded aspect of the cultural landscape, despite being an important factor in how we, as human beings, interact with the wider world. By incorporating a consideration of sound, archaeologists can more fully understand the embodied experience explored through phenomenological approaches. In this poster, we investigate the interaudibility present within the built landscape of Chaco Canyon, using a GIS tool we have developed over the past two years. Focusing on Downtown...