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A radiocarbon test for significant demographic events in written and oral history. (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thomas Brown. Kevan Edinborough. Andrew Martindale. Kenneth Ames.

We present the results of a simulation based test for the existence and significance of two known demographic event horizons. We extend the Shennan et al. (2013) summed probability distribution frequency method to provide a value of statistical significance for the period between two defined calendar dates. Case-study one extrapolates population data from the Western historical record relating to the catastrophic European Black Death and finds a consistent statistically significant drop in...

Rates of Change in Radiocarbon Date Frequencies and Population Collapse (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Darcy Bird. Jacob Freeman.

Recent analyses of large samples of radiocarbon dates shows a change in radiocarbon date frequencies between 3000 BP and 800 BP. There is either an exponential or super-exponential increase in radiocarbon date frequencies followed by a sudden decline. The goal of this poster is to test a population ecology model as to whether or not the degree of population overshoot can predict the degree of population collapse. We want to analyze if the rate of increase in radiocarbon date frequencies over...