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Living and Working in the Heart of Seattle: An Archaeological Examination of an Early-Twentieth Century Site in the Cascade Neighborhood (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jordan E Pickrell.

In 2016, Historical Research Associates, Inc., conducted archaeological testing at an urban site in the Cascade neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Below 15 feet of fill, we identified an archaeological site dating to the early twentieth century. Data recovery excavations at the site focused on four features, including two intact privy shafts containing domestic debris deposited between 1905 and 1910. This paper provides an overview of the project from identification and testing of the site,...

Toward Developing an Economic Model of Fish Rank for Late Nineteenth-Century Pacific Northwest Households (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Emily C. Taber. Virginia L. Butler.

Considerable research has been conducted on archaeofaunal food remains as a proxy for consumer practices in Euro-American historical archaeology. Such research often incorporates price-driven meat rankings, in which the historical cost of a meat cut determines its rank. Archaeological fish remains also present an opportunity to examine how historical communities engaged with fish that could be acquired through subsistence practices, leisure activities, or market purchases. However, the...

"Where Ornament and Function are so Agreeably Combined" Redux: A New Look at Consumer Choice Studies Using English Ceramic Wares at Several 19th Century Fur Trade Sites Along the Columbia River (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert J Cromwell.

This paper takes a new look at my 2006  doctoral dissertation, where I analyzed over 20,000 British-manufactured ceramic ware sherds excavated from archaeological households at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Vancouver, Washington. These archaeological households are located both within the ca. 1829-1860Hudson’s Bay Company Fort Vancouver palisade site, as well as in the associated employee (Kanaka) Village site. This allows for synthesis of the data and to compare household dynamics from...