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Assembling conceptual tools to examine the moral and political structures of the past (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Carole Crumley.

As recent events demonstrate, power can manifest entirely outside the framework of state hierarchies and beyond their control. Beginning with the premise that tension between competition and cooperation exists in all human societies, we must explore the ways rules and norms permit or deny each, and how both interact with history and changing conditions to forge institutions. Today, new ways to stabilize societies and reduce conflict must be found. One of the most important conditions for...

The Future of Maritime Archaeology (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Filipe Castro.

Computers, robots, and the internet are changing maritime archaeology while a global middle class - the consumers of cultural products - is growing fast, at least in Asia and the southern hemisphere. In this context archaeology, including maritime archaeology, appears as a promising field where a young generation of archaeologists is pushing to include multiple publics and narratives about archaeological remains. Public archaeology is trying to make sense of archaeological discoveries and tie...