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Archaeologies of the After-lives of Slavery (Discussant Comments) (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Theresa Singleton.

Discussion of the themes raised in the  papers presented in this session.

Diverse Dining: Post-Emancipation Foodways in Antigua, West Indies (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alexis K Ohman.

The role of zooarchaeology and foodways in plantation archaeology has aided in teasing out the details of daily life and shifting sociocultural habits during the colonial period. Plantation archaeology has also had a distinct focus on the African diaspora communities. However, the post-Emancipation period complicates the narrative even further as new ethnic communities were brought or drawn to the new labor requirements of plantations at this time. Post-Emancipation Antigua saw an influx of...

In the Shadow of Sugar: Dwelling in the Post-Emancipation Era, Montserrat (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Samantha Ellens.

This is a paper/report submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Archaeological scholarship on Afro-Caribbean experiences in the Lesser Antilles has increasingly focused on the economic and social conditions of the post-emancipation period. This paper discusses material data collected from a plantation complex once containing a late 19th- to 20th-century village that supplied labor to the citrus lime industry on Montserrat. Excavated material...

A Life of Limes and Leisure: A Post-Emancipation Quaker Elite Site in Montserrat, West Indies (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Samantha Ellens.

This is an abstract from the "Working on the 19th-Century" session, at the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. This paper presents results of a recent archaeological survey and excavation at an elite Quaker site on Montserrat. In the early 1870s, the success of the Sturge family’s prosperous lime enterprise, The Montserrat Company Ltd., enabled John Edmund Sturge and his wife Jane to construct a residence known as "The Cot" overlooking the town of Salem. The home...

Post Emancipation Material Culture and Housing on St. Kitts, West Indies (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Todd H. Ahlman.

The post emancipation period in the British Caribbean (post-1834) represented a drastic change for the formerly enslaved Africans on St. Kitts’ sugar plantations as they faced new challenges in their freedom.  This paper presents ceramic and housing data from two structures occupied from the late seventeenth century until the 1850s. Focusing on the period 1800 to 1850, ceramic types and frequencies indicate changes in the acquisition of European ceramics from the era of slavery to the post...

Post-Emancipation African American Life in the Upper South and South Louisiana: insights from a comparison of material culture from the Hermitage, Tennessee, and Alma and Riverlake Plantations, Louisiana (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David Palmer.

The DAACS (Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery) database also includes data relevant to post-Emancipation, including Jim Crow era life of African Americans. DAACS facilitates comparative research, expanding the scale of archaeological inquiry. Through the use of DAACS, post-Emancipation assemblages from the Hermitage site in Tennessee were compared with those from Alma and Riverlake sugar plantation sites in southern Louisiana. Evidence of shared economic strategies related to...

Tracing the Post-Emancipation Landscape of Dominica’s Lime Industry (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Samantha Ellens.

In a time when global travel was fairly restricted, citrus lime consumption extended across the Atlantic, regularly appearing in British advertisements and utilized in the global perfume and beverage markets. Following abolition, in 1834, limes and lime by-products became the chief export of islands like Montserrat and Dominica. In the case of Dominica, lime production gradually developed, and by 1875, many lime estates were yielding exceptional profits. The L. Rose and Lime Company was one of...