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An Analysis of Calluna Hill (59-73): Pequot Cultural Entanglement and Complex Consumption During the Pequot War (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Farley.

This paper includes an overview of the Calluna Hill site (59-73) in Mystic, Connecticut, a 1637 Pequot village burned down immediately after the English siege of Mystic Fort. The site offers the opportunity to explore important methodological and theoretical questions. Here I focus on the village as the location of intense intercultural exchange and cultural entanglement. Calluna Hill offers insights into the complex ways that the Pequot consumed European-made goods and participated in...

Preliminary Report on the Archaeobotany of the John Hollister Site (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William A. Farley.

This paper reports on and begins the process of addressing research questions related to the archaeobotanical remains from the 17th-century John Hollister Site in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The site boasts an extraordinary level of botanical preservation and promises to be a significant contribution to the understanding of the period’s regional foodways. Initial results suggest a mixture of indigenous plants and taxa that likely entered the region with early European settlement. This mirrors the...