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A non-destructive view with X-rays into the strain state of bronze axes (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Leif Glaser. Andre Rothkirch. Simone Techert. Mechtild Freudenberg.

In this paper we present a new approach using highly surface sensitive X-ray diffraction methods for archaeometrical investigation highlighted on the Neolithic Axe of Ahneby. Applying the sin2Ψ-method with a scintillation detector and a MAXIM camera setup, both were usually applied for material strain analysis on mod- ern metal fabrics. We can distinguish between different production states of bronze axes: cast, forged and tem- pered. The method can be applied as a local probe of some 100th of...

Simple Non-Destructive Extraction of Biomolecules from Human Skeletal Remains (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Keri Rowsell. Matthew Collins.

Opportunities for the biomolecular study of archaeological human skeletal remains (HSR) can often be limited by museum regulations that only permit non-destructive analyses. This restriction, coupled with the fairly common practice in England of quick reburial (due mainly to a lack of storage space), can result in a wealth of information being lost. It is therefore important that bioarchaeologists work to establish successful non-destructive methods for the biomolecular analysis of...