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Collaborating on the Federal Level: Moving beyond Mandated Consultation in the Section 106 Process (2017)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 431551] Kelly Britt.

Collaboration versus Consultation—while both terms involve working with stakeholders, consultation implies a formulaic, reactionary response or product and can produce negative connotations while collaboration suggests a voluntary, shared method and a mutual goal, invoking more positive connotations. Within archaeology, collaboration is not a new practice. Yet within this post-colonial approach to conducting archaeology there is little discussion around what this looks like within the public...

Seeking the Indigenous Perspective: Colonial Interactions, Archaeology and Ethnohistory at Fort St. Pierre, 1719-1729, Vicksburg, Mississippi (2017)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 435287] LisaMarie Malischke.

French Fort St. Pierre was a completely failed colonial endeavor from start to finish. Applying a post-colonial approach to the site, I realized that the power dynamic between the French ‘colonizers’ and the ‘colonized’ Yazoo, Koroa, and Ofogoula peoples was essentially reversed. To understand this reversed power dynamic from an indigenous viewpoint, I took an ethnohistorical approach to the written record. To understand the events that unfolded between the French and Native peoples of the Yazoo...

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