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Engendering Ballajá: A 1910 Case Study from San Juan, Puerto Rico (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yuitza Rojas Fernández.

In the northwest corner of the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, formal urban blocks were proposed and constructed in the 19th century in an area known as Ballajá. As part of a larger investigation, documentary research was carried out, and quantitative and qualitative data was analyzed to study the presence of women using the 1910 census. Germane to that investigation, were specific variables such as professions, trades, race, nationality, age and civil status, therefore providing...

"I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay . . . .": Inspiring Critical Reflection on Gender and Bias (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Valerie M. J. Hall.

The archaeology of gender is a complex field, examining the intersection of gender, sexuality, and class as performed through material culture.  Research in the field also turns a spotlight on biases inherent in Western culture that are often blindly projected onto the past.  Dr. Elizabeth Scott’s work challenges these biases, inspiring students and colleagues to think critically about perception and perspective while examining the lives of people "of little note." Her research elucidates the...