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Farming vs. Herding: Subsistence Practice during the Late Neolithic Evidenced by Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in Shengedaliang, North Shaanxi, China (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only XiangLong Chen. ZhouYong Sun. XiaoNing Guo. PengCheng Zhang. SongMei Hu.

In order to explore subsistence patterns in northern Shaanxi Province around 4,000 BP, human and animal bones from the Shimao, Zhaimouliang, Shengedaliang, Huoshiliang, and Muzhuhzuliang sites were sampled for stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratio analysis. The results show that most people primarily subsisted on C4 resources, e.g. millet and millet-related animal products, despite the fact that there was some intake of C3 plants by some individuals. Stable nitrogen isotope values indicate...