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Archaeology, Shadowed Pasts, and the Making of Heritage (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Bonnie J. Clark.

As Laurajane Smith contents, heritage is not a series of sites, but of practices. Practioners of contemporary archaeology are lodged firmly in that practice, participating through the data we uncover, the stakeholders we engage, and even the media attention we draw to particular historic events but not others.  The archaeology of Amache, the site of a World War II-era Japanese American internment camp, is a long-term, community-based project focused on a past that has often been muted in...

Contexts and Consequences of Racialized Labor Relations between Japanese American Workers and Sawmill Town Management in the Pacific Northwest (1890 to 1930) (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David R Carlson.

This paper will explore the historical context surrounding the relationships between Japanese American sawmill workers and sawmill town management in the early 20th century Pacific Northwest. Japanese American sawmill workers found themselves in a highly racialized labor structure, where they were often regulated to hard labor, "low skill" positions. At the same time, there is evidence to suggest that these workers successfully negotiated with sawmill town management, while taking advantage of...