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Dwelling While Crossing: Migrant Mobility, Material Memory, and Religious Place-Making in the Sonoran Desert (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jordan E Davis.

Migrant-erected shrine sites encountered throughout the Sonoran Desert draw attention to the significance of religious place-making in transient spaces, of dwelling while crossing. As migrant material cultures continue to be degraded as "trash," shrine sites made by migrants are likely to become central to the memory of undocumented migration across the US/Mexico Border. Claiming these sites as "monuments" of undocumented migration, however, may threaten to sanitize what is a violent social...

"Hold Avstand": The Archaeology of and in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tromsø, Norway (2021)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Anatolijs Venovcevs. Matthew Magnani. Natalia Magnani. Stein Farstadvoll.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "Pandemic Fieldwork: Doing Fieldwork During a Pandemic" , at the 2021 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Over the last few decades, archaeologists have turned more attention to studying material signatures of recent events including migration, homelessness, and the aftermaths of disasters. In March 2020, a group of contemporary archaeologists and anthropologists in Tromsø, Norway found themselves in the middle of one such...

The Pitch Tar Mill – the material memory of specialized production site in the town of Oulu, Northern Finland (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Marika Hyttinen. Timo Ylimaunu. Titta Kallio-Seppä. Paul R. Mullins.

The town of Oulu, northern Finland, had one of the northernmost pitch tar mills in global scale. Thousands of barrels of tar were cooked into a pitch tar in the island of Pikisaari annually during the 18th and 19th centuries. The island has been specialized production site for pitch tar and ship building during the 17th and 19th centuries and metal industry at 20th century. Thus, the pitch was not the only product of the mill area. There have been found artifacts, like tools and stone ware and...