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In Appreciation Of Marley Brown (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Stephen Mrozowski.

I first met Marley Brown in 1973 when he was both a PhD candidate at Brown University and an Assistant Professor – a dual status that reflected his role in the early development of Historical Archaeology. As both a student of the young field and one of its early leaders, Marley had a unique place in the growth of Historical Archaeology in New England. Marley would go on to be an inspiration, mentor, critic, collaborator and friend. Anyone who has worked with Marley knows that he could be all of...

Marley Brown, the Golden Horseshoe, and African Diaspora Archaeology (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Maria Franklin.

Marley Brown is little recognized for the tremendous role he played in mentoring those of us who, with his support and encouragement, pursued research on the African diaspora. It wasn’t his style to seek the spotlight, and he was far more concerned with social justice and the positive growth of the discipline which he considered to be inseparable issues. Brown not only opened doors for many of us, he served as a critical sounding board for our fledgling ideas and was generous with his advice. In...

Towards a Cumulative Practice: Reflections on the Influence of Marley R. Brown III (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Audrey Horning.

In 1999, Marley Brown defined his approach to historical archaeology as a 'cumulative practice marked by proper respect for the role of theory… but one which privileges the discovery of real and significant patterning in the archaeological record.’  Along with imposing intellectual rigour on archaeological interpretation, Marley has always sought new ways of discovering, recording, and ‘disciplining’ data, applying rigorous sampling methods; prioritizing environmental data; embracing GIS and...