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Archaeology and the Changing Landscape of Community in a Colonial Capital; The Banjul Heritage Project (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah Platt. Liza Gijanto.

Banjul was founded in 1816 as part of the British efforts to block the slave trade on the Gambia River.  A planned urban center, the city developed around a series of neighborhoods designated as colonial, merchant, and African laborer spaces.  Amongst the most prominent settlers were the Aku from Sierra Leone and French traders from Goree who were instrumental in the growth of the colonial economy.  In preparation for the 200th anniversary of the city in 2016, the Banjul Heritage Project seeks...

Bead trade in the latter Atlantic world: A case study of 19th century sites in The Gambia, West Africa (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Elizabeth A. McCague. Liza Gijanto.

The Gambia River was a frontline of Atlantic trade among European merchants in the Atlantic world, particularly in regards to the exchange of glass beads established to promote commercial interactions with the local population. Though the 19th century marks the decline of the era on the Gambia River, the trends seen in the bead trade highlight the lasting implications of colonial involvements. This paper will address bead assemblages from Juffure, Berefet, and the colonial capital of Banjul...