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Digital Documentation and Assessment of the Remote Colonial Church at Ecab, Quintana Roo, Mexico (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Michael Hess. Aliya R. Hoff. Dominique Meyer. Dominique Rissolo. Luis Leira Guillermo. Jeffrey Glover. Fabio Esteban Amador. Andrew Vaughn. Falko Kuester.

Located on the remote northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula sits the 16th century church at Ecab, thought to be the first church in Mexico, which is in a fragile state of decay and in need of documentation and conservation. The church as well as the curate's house have been abandoned since 1644 and have both survived centuries of hurricanes and erosion.  The site, also referred to as Boca Iglesias, was a remote encomienda in colonial Mexico and still remains isolated today on a coastal rise...