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Big Data and Diplomacy: Aerial Images and U.S. Department of State Cultural Property Bilateral Agreements (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Morag Kersel.

This is an abstract from the "Archaeological Vision in the Age of Big Data" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Big data in the form of aerial imagery gathered from drones, satellites, and archival spy images provide an historical time line of change over time of archaeological landscapes. The images of sites negatively affected by agriculture, development, looting, and urban growth are compelling and convincing in their documentation of destruction....

"...Concerning their Common Heritage...": Archaeological Site Stewardship and International Cooperation in the National Park Service (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David Gadsby. Dave Conlin.

In 2011, The National Park Service signed two international Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) on the management and protection of sites that lie within the park system, but are of interest or importance to foreign governments. The first, signed with the United Kingdom, provides specific protections for a particular resource, the wreck of the 18th-century frigate HMS Fowey. The second, signed with the government of the Kingdom of Spain, expresses the participants' mutual interest in wide variety...