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Far From Home: A Proposed Identification of the Winks Wreck, Kitty Hawk, N.C. as the Bristol-Built Steamship Mountaineer (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lucas Simonds.

The Winks Wreck, located a short distance offshore of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, represents a unique facet of the underwater cultural heritage of the Outer Banks. Consisting primarily of two side-lever steam engines — typical of early British rather than American-built steamships — the site is unlike most others found in the region. The identification of the site as the wreck of Mountaineer, built in Bristol in 1835, was first suggested by local diver and researcher Marc Corbett in 2012. Diver...

Identification of the "Cape Hatteras Mystery Wreck" (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Roger Warden.

Roughly a mile-and-a-half from Diamond Shoals Light Tower off North Carolina's Outer Banks lie the broken remains of an unidentified ship resting on the sand at a depth of 150 feet.  For two years, members of the Battle of the Atlantic Research and Expedition Group have researched this vessel, both in the archives and in the water.  Is it, as theorized, the wreck of the Panamanian tanker Olympic, possibly sunk in early 1942 by U-66 during the opening phase of Operation Drumbeat, the German...